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It lasts for 4 weeks or 90 days depending on the time you choose.

App Mario Salvador

You will have access to the Mario Salvador App where in a few simple clicks you will see a calendar with all your workouts and meals for the week. You will also have a section of recipes and shopping list. In each exercise you will see a video of me where I will teach you how to perform the technique. In addition, you will be able to register your marks and see your progress.

What happens after the payment?

As soon as you pay, you will see the option to download a file with the link to the initial questionnaire.

Once you complete it and send it to me, I will start working on your plan and in 5 working days I will write to you by WhatsApp to welcome you and give you access to my App.



I know what you feel and how important this change is to you. Not feeling comfortable with your body is screwed. I, too, have had times when I was embarrassed to take off my shirt.


  • Training routine to do at the gym or at home.
  • Personalized diet.

It includes a routine with detailed exercises and explanatory videos that you can do at home or in the gym. At all times you will know which are the exercises that you must perform each day, as well as how many series and repetitions of each one.

In order to get the most out of the training if you have chosen the "Home" option, I recommend that you have:

  • Two weights, minimum 5kg.
  • Chin-up bar.

It includes a detailed menu , both in terms of food and quantity, of the meals for a week.

This nutrition plan is based on your goals, food tastes, needs and is made especially for you, at all times you will know the meals you should eat, as well as the amount of each food. In addition, you will have contact by WhatsApp.